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Robbie Rivera @ Pacha - November 30, 2007


Winter - November 29, 2007

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about the switch to winter fashion that catches my eye. When the weather goes below 40, the new winter coats come out, and everyone seems to “bundle up”..

Winter clothes tend to hide a bit more than their summer brethren, so perhaps a fall body looks extra slim in winter coverings..

The solid dark colors look good on most..

Covering a lot up is a win for many

And those rosy cheeks, wrapped in colorful scarves, warms my day.

Welcome oh cold weather beauty, your knee high leather boots can kick my ass any day..

The caffeine & sugar experiment of 2007 - November 27, 2007

We go through our daily lives putting any number of things into our bodies, caffeine and sugar being somewhat dominant for me lately.

As a result, I’ve noticed 2 things..

  • Caffeine reduces my patience..  I’m naturally a bit quick to start off with, and additional caffeine only serves to lower the response time limit before I move on with other people.  I consider this a poor response on my part, and the first step in fixing it is to acknowledge the problem.
  • Sugar wears off quickly..  I’ve had upwards of 3 twenty ounce cokes in a day. That’s 750 calories, or about 45 teaspoons worth of sugar.  And the trick seems to be, once I have the first soda (either in the morning or with lunch) I need to have additional sodas to keep from falling off as the day wears on.  This is more about the sugar than the caffeine in those sodas.

So, in light of both of those things, I’m cutting back..  hopefully off, but there’s workplace performance to account for, and I have to get my job done above all other desires..

Day 1..  Made it to 4pm without either soda or coffee, but caved in light of excessive yawning.  One soda total for the day (not counting the tonics mixed with my vodkas later that evening)

Day 2..  It’s nearly 4, and I’m again yawning more than I’d like..  I’ve made exception today to have milk as alternative.  It’s arguably better for you than soda, while still having lactose (milk sugar) to give me a little bit of help.  Bonus points for vitamins and protein, and it’s skim so my fat intake isn’t increasing.  Plus, it’s free thanks to all those coffee drinkers in the office.

I’ll let you know how it continues..  hopefully I don’t develop a half gallon a day milk habit.

We begin again - November 26, 2007

The time has come for me to start another blog. This is either my 3rd or 4th depending on how well I’m trusting my memory today, and chances are it will be my last.

What happened to the other ones?

They were each born out of some inkling to write. To say something.. Yet I hadn’t exactly found my place yet and each have died off as time didn’t permit them the environment to grow within.

What’s new?

This will have a better focus. Specifically on the following topics to start, with more added as I see fit:

  • Photos – Status updates for parties I’ve done the photography for. What’s coming, what’s behind, and announcements when I post new sets.
  • Photography – General writing about photography. I’m asked quite often for my advise and it seems a shame to have this conversation be limited to two people. Let the world share, and perhaps we’ll all end up ahead.
  • Trading – General stock market & options trading commentary. In the same vane as Photography, I have a lot of one off conversations with folks which could be put in the public view for many to share in. These aren’t “advise” though, so get your own accountant/financial planner.
  • Rants – I live in New York City, there are plenty of things that irk me, and better placed here to collectively laugh at than for me to smack someone who might actually deserve it.
  • Life – Whatever I feel like..

Specifically absent is work. Unless your blog is your work, it’s unwise to blog about work.

Why is this the last one?

This is the first one tied specifically to me. The others all had varying levels of anonymity, and were easier to lose/drop when I didn’t feel like I had the time. This one has the added intention of optimizing some of the tasks I have multiple times over. So instead of having the “what camera do you recommend” conversation with 5 different people between now and Christmas, I could have 1 post, with comments and updates to answer the same question for those people and more. Net result, the answer is better for all, I save some repetition in conversation, and everyone wins.

The itch to write is also growing. Perhaps I have more to say, or more likely I have fewer outlets for expressing myself to the world. Either way, that need can fester itself here for all to read..

So enjoy, or not.. and at the very least, play nice!

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