How old am I?

That’s a seemingly easy question to answer, but I disagree.. The world at large contends that our birth is the only standard for age. While our birth date is a serious factor in how long we’ve been around, and how much we’ve been afforded the time to accomplish, I’m pretty sure the correlation is much higher with when our parents had sex than how old we really are.

So how do we measure age?

As we go through life, there are aspects we’re good at, while others not so much. School doesn’t give just one grade, we have one per class, surmised from many individual assignments. So lets break this down into a few categories..

Financial age:


Granted, I spent a few years out of college working very hard on my career. I don’t have anything to fall back on, so failing here just isn’t an option for me. One could argue that I’ve overdone it a bit, and I won’t disagree. I will say though, that I no longer worry about this. I have what I need, both now and for the future options my life may lead me to.

Bilogicial age:

Your biological age is 26 to 29! If this is lower than your real age, then well done! If not, take up regular exercise, improve your diet and get your cholesterol levels checked.”

I’m fine with that. I could always eat a little better, though my occasional bacon benders are likely a permanent fixture. A bit more exercise would be nice as well.. I have no complaints.

What age do you act?

“You Are 27 Years Old”

Not completely sure I agree with that test, it was too short. eeh..

How old do you look?

I can’t find a web quiz for this one (obviously) but I did perform a bit of a survey the day before my last birthday. The consensus, with very little deviation from the mean, was 23.

When you’re having fun, how old are the people you’re with? (aka, how old is your spirit)

The happiest regular events that I attend are considered EDM (Electronic Dance Music) parties/raves/clubs. I don’t go to XYZ club just to go because it’s Friday or Saturday. I’ll go to a specific club because of the type of music being played and more specifically the DJ that night. I’m also just as likely to go out on a Tuesday as a Friday. But I digress…

While at a club, I tend to end up hanging out with the 18-22 year old raver types. I don’t know what it is about everyone else, but I’m more than happy to stay out and dancing till 6, 7 or 8am, and the folks usually left with me (who aren’t scary!) are typically in that range..


Looks like I’m somewhere between 18-22, 23, 27, 26-29, and 55+. Quite the range, and I didn’t even cover my sex life age! We’ll have to save the bisexual twins bit for another day.

Ooh yeah, my birth certificate says I’m 31..

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