Flashback: Coffee

In the interest of retiring old blogs, while having something for new readers to read while I’m otherwise busy, I’m going to repost those old words here for the new audience to enjoy..  The first one, Coffee, from Dec 5, 2006

I’ve recently been futzing with the concept of this blog (the old one I’m retiring). I setup a little test blog on my mac at home, and tried to make mental notes during the day of things to write about. The test blog has lots of nifty features (it’s based on BT) but would require me to find a hosting provider, setup an account (and pay for said account) along with the configuration all before getting to the writing. So I’ve gone with Blogger for now. They’re free, I already have a gmail account so I don’t need to have yet another password, I can move my posts someday down the road when I’m a world famous writer, and I can have it NOW. Well, I had it two hours ago, and moved that first post from my test blog.

So now we come to the writing portion of our little experiment, and we’re going to need some coffee. By all accounts, I have a different history with coffee than most. You see, up until 9 or so months ago, my lifetime coffee consumption was 1 small Denny’s coffee (with 6 sugars) which I shared with a girl I was seeing back in college. So after rounding to the nearest whole number, (she had more than half), my total is none. And then S came into my life. She was a morning coffee drinker, in fact I was warned not to speak to her prior to her morning coffee, and the one (yes one) time I did resulted in a rainy day. I don’t remember the exact day, but sometime back in Feb of 2006, I started on this magical elixir and my reaction was severe. The first two weeks or so a single cup of home brew had me so high I seriously thought I was being tricked. “How can this be legal?” I asked.

The buzz lasted for a few weeks. I discovered Starbucks (it’s the first google result for coffee after all…), settled down to about 12 oz of office brewed Starbucks house blend served black each work day, and S has moved on to other flavors. At last word she was trying out tea..

Where am I going? ooh yeah, my brain. One of the results of drinking coffee, is that about 12 hrs later, the up turns into a down. BC (life Before Coffee) I’d have a hard time getting to sleep at a reasonable time, and a hard time getting up in the morning, but by all measures my brain worked at a fairly consistent level. AC (this should be obvious by now) things are more of a roller coaster in the brain department. I’m up in the morning, fairly constant in the afternoon, and start to fall off between 7-10pm.

And that leaves me at now.. Roughly 11pm, and I’m tired. The day was productive. Yet by now I’m motioning for my pillow. So starting tomorrow, I’ll have to start jotting down little caffeinated notes to myself.. On paper (or in blogger as unpublished posts), as mental notes just don’t work without mental facilities.

Good night.

Followup:  I’ve since mostly given up coffee.  Or at least broken the habit.  I can now say that I appreciate the taste these days, but don’t need the level of caffeine that comes along with it.  If anything I’ll have a tactical amount to get just enough caffeine on days that require it.  On a Monday after a long crazy weekend, I might have an inch worth.  Quite literally.

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