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Presolutions - December 28, 2007

Ok, the title may not be in your dictionary, but given Jan 1 is coming up ever so quickly, Here’s the list of things I resolve to have done by then:

  1. Go through all my monthly accounts (cable, phone, …) and make sure the options I want/don’t want are right.. Close any accounts I no longer need.
  2. Solidify Backup strategy for computer data.. After the hard drive loss back in November, I need to ensure that backups are being created automatically. The panic of an impending drive failure, or potential loss of an unexpected failure are too expensive in time and stress levels.
  3. Update resume. Working in a company that has recently laid folks off, and in an industry which lays people off without much more than a mathematical calculation, it’s always good to keep the resume up to date. Besides, I’d rather update it when I don’t need it, than in a crunch when I do.
  4. Cleanup my gmail inbox.  It has about 800 now, and I’d like to have it under 50 (one page worth).  Archive or delete everything over 30 days old to start, and reduce the inbox to items I actually have to deal with.
  5. Get refresh of this website finished and online
  6. Go through and cleanup 2006 and 2007 picture archive

There’s always something I’m forgetting.. Perhaps one of my resolutions will be to take better notes..–> Remembered & added #4.–> Ditto for #5,6