Crazy busy

When people ask me lately how I’m doing, “Crazy busy” has been my response often enough that I noticed..  I’m intending to imply my schedule has me busier than normal, but I’m not even sure what normal is.

One should think that if every day is “crazy”, then at some point that must average itself into being “normal”.  And conversely, if every day was slow, then eventually that should be considered “normal”.

Looking back at the past few months though, my life seems to swing between the busy and bored camps.  I typically go looking for things to do when I’m bored.  Many cannot be started immediately, and I end up queuing future activities.  Once they start to kick in, I’m too busy to initiate new tasks in the pipeline, and eventually it runs out, leaving me at the beginning of the cycle.

The length of the cycle can vary as well, from days to months..  The last time I can recall being anywhere near “slow” was back in November, though December is always a busy month.

All that being said.. I’m now “Normal” until further notice..

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