Can I…

JA – Can I get a picture with some hot bitches?
Me – No!
JA – (taken aback..) What?
Me – Have some respect..
JA – Can I have a picture with some of these nice ladies?

Lets not even get into the conversation of “may I” vs. “can I”…

Me – Better..  It’s up to them though..
JA – Looks around..  (crickets chirping at the sudden swarm of guys that surrounded him)
Me – (waiting patiently while counting to 10..)
JA – How about these two?  (Points at 2 ladies I’ve already chatted with, neither single..)
Me – Still up to them..
JA – Proceeds to negotiate picture, with surprising success.
Me – (Takes picture, trying to minimize the “yikes” look they were giving me.)
JA – (Moves on..)
Me – (to the ladies) Sorry about that..
Ladies – No worries, he had is moment.. Most likely the best he’ll have all night!
Me – True..  True..

JA = Jackass by the way..  read this for more info..

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