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Status.. - November 22, 2008

Things have been a little busy lately..  

First off, I’m changing day jobs..  The old one (at Bank of America) ended on Friday, and the new one starts on Monday up in Connecticut.  It’s one hell of a commute (3x longer than I’ve ever had) but everything else about the job is extremely positive.

Second, I’ve had a major hard drive failure lately.  The drive that has all my photos, music and movies on it died with no warning.  So while it is backed up frequently (after last years crash) the backups didn’t cover everything, and are MUCH slower to use to get things done.  So to those of you who’ve asked for something, or are waiting for pics to be put up, that’s why.  I’m sorry.

Third, I own an apartment in Hoboken and my tenant moved out a week ago.  They gave me 2 weeks notice, and pretty much abused the fact I didn’t make them sign a renewal lease back in April.  (They were getting married and wanted to move over the summer.  They gave notice on Halloween for Dec 1.  I’ll never be that nice again..)  So now I have to fix the things they broke, repaint the rooms they painted soo poorly, and find a new tenant in what is at the very least the worst rental market in 10 years.  Yeah, thanks.  

Forth, I’m doing some revamp of the website itself.  I can do this remotely without access to the dead hard drive, so this makes more sense than it might seem priority wise.  This will have the benefit of indexing the photos by Artist, Venue, Promoter, and a few other things automatically for me.  So photos will end up being posted quicker, with lower effort on my part, while being easier to find on your parts..  win-win.  

And finally, it’s one of my best buds from college’s bachelor party tonight..  Call the coroner now, we may be in need.  

So once tonight’s over, the new job starts on Monday, maybe Jury Duty on Tuesday, Thanksgiving on Thursday, and I make it back Saturday to fix the apartment..  Then things will have a chance of being “normal”..  Thanks for being patient.

Monday night @ Johnny Utah’s - November 17, 2008

After 40 or so trips through Johnny Utah’s on Monday night, this is most likely my last one.  Starting a new job next week, so I’ll no longer be out till 2am Monday nights..  And yes, that’s me on the bull!

It’s been fun Johnny Utah’s..  Made 31 an interesting year..  -Peter


Computer failure.. - November 17, 2008

So almost exactly 11 months after my last hard drive failure, it’s happened again.  And “sucks” would be an understatement.  Thankfully, after last time, I regularly back up this 1.5 Terabyte drive (which was roughly 90% full).  I back it up to a network server (Buffalo Terastation) which has reliably served me for 3+ years now.

Even with the backups, I don’t have everything I had 2 weeks ago.  It had so much on it that a full backup/sync took roughly 24 hours.  So my regular schedule was to backup photos every day, and everything besides movies on a 2 week basis.  The movies are gone, and that’s a shame.

Also, file server access is 8-30 times SLOWER than the USB drive.  So any work I need to do right now is PAINFUL!

Going forward, I’m still painfully waiting for Apple to release a new Mac Pro. eta is next January I hope. Once I have that, I’ll have 3TB of raid 10 storage internally, 1.5 TB of external USB storage backing up daily, and 1.2 TB of file server storage backing up probably weekly.  That’s 4 copies of everything I care about, and I’m looking into a 5th copy, stored somewhere I don’t live.

Until then, I’m probably going to have 2 USB drives along with the file server.  That should keep me from needing to use the file server directly.

Fedde le Grand @ Pacha - November 14, 2008


The List - November 11, 2008

So everyone knows that you get a list of 5 that you can be with should the opportunity arise, even if you’re in a committed relationship.  There are only 2 rules though.  1.  You can not already know them.  2.  Your significant other is allowed 5 for themselves.  Fair is fair in fantasy land..

So given my list changes over time, I figure I should publish it, both for my own curiosity in seeing how it changes, but also just in case.. 😉

  • Rachel McAdams / Wedding Crashers
  • Natalie Portman / ooh so many roles.
  • Evan Rachel Wood / Running with Scissors
  • Anne Hathaway / Get Smart and The Devil Wears Prada
  • Scarlett Johansson / Lost in Translation

I’ll amend over time, and probably add some runner’s up..  but for now this list started from here.

Sasha @ Webster Hall - November 7, 2008


Money Makers 2 presented by Headlines & Heroes @ Pacha - November 3, 2008


Kyau & Albert with Ronski Speed @ Webster Hall - November 1, 2008

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