The List

So everyone knows that you get a list of 5 that you can be with should the opportunity arise, even if you’re in a committed relationship.  There are only 2 rules though.  1.  You can not already know them.  2.  Your significant other is allowed 5 for themselves.  Fair is fair in fantasy land..

So given my list changes over time, I figure I should publish it, both for my own curiosity in seeing how it changes, but also just in case.. 😉

  • Rachel McAdams / Wedding Crashers
  • Natalie Portman / ooh so many roles.
  • Evan Rachel Wood / Running with Scissors
  • Anne Hathaway / Get Smart and The Devil Wears Prada
  • Scarlett Johansson / Lost in Translation

I’ll amend over time, and probably add some runner’s up..  but for now this list started from here.

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