New Years Eve is a mess. It’s always a mess, especially in New York.

  1. Everyone goes out, especially amateurs.. making it the single most amateur night there is, second to that first week of college when nobody had parents for the first time.
  2. Times Square, ‘nuf said
  3. Tourists. For as bad as the economy is right now, many foreigners planned trips here well before it went to shit.. I typically like tourists too, but on NYE, the sheer density of folks running around out of their minds, let alone running around when they don’t know where they are, crosses that boundary into bad insanity
  4. Parties are expensive.. $200+ to get in to places that are $20 the rest of the year.. that is, if you want to go before midnight.. Sure it’s open bar, even top shelf.. But a liter of Grey Goose is $40, and that’s roughly my upper bound on intoxication. The only recourse being the hope the folks working the madness are being paid above normal.
  5. Cabs.. Good luck. They’re not impossible before 9pm, but 12:15 though 2, forget it.

So why am I going out.. Well, why not? This year was rough in a number of ways for a lot of people, while the upcoming one holds a lot of promise. So tonight is the night to be done with the old, and welcome the new.

What’s the plan

  • Before Midnight – A House party. Seems to be what everyone is doing, so much so that nobody I know is going to a club pre-midnight.
  • 1am – UpStairs – Their final party from what I hear, and a good crew of beautiful folks I know are going..
  • after – open?!?

Later Options

  • NEW YEAR’S EVE LATE NIGHT BLOWOUT!, w/Matthew Dear, Drop The Lime, Michna & Mike Servito, 2AM @ (Le) Poisson Rouge – 158 Bleecker Street (Sullivan & Thompson), $30
  • KGB Presents New Years Eve @ Sullivan Room w. Coco Locos, 9pm-11am @ Sullivan Room, $30
  • DEEPCHORD pres. ECHOSPACE @ Studio B – Jan. 1st – Morning, 5am $10
  • New Year’s ReSolution, 65 Jay Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn, $40 open bar, 9pm-5am, Take F train to YORK Stop in Brooklyn. It’s the first stop from Manhattan. Walk down on Jay Street towards the water. Its only a block and half away from the train stop.

and well, whatever everyone txts me.. Happy New Year.

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