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Adultnapper @ Rebel - January 31, 2009


DJ Eco & Randy Boyer @ Love - January 31, 2009


Dave Dresden @ Cielo - January 30, 2009


Above & Beyond is coming!! A&B is coming!! - January 25, 2009

In light of Above & Beyond returning to NYC for the first time since May of last year, I’ve gone through my archives and posted all of the shows I’ve taken in which they were the stars..  So check them out here and I’ll see you on Feb 20!

Get your tickets!

Steve Bug @ Rebel for Save the Cannibals - January 24, 2009

The inaugural night of the Save the Cannibals festivities was a blast.  All of the rock stars were in attendance, and Steve didn’t disappoint.   If you couldn’t make it, check out Steve’s podcast from December and do better next time!

As always, click any of the photos to see the whole set..   -Peter


DJ Heather @ Sullivan Room - January 17, 2009


Caught up! - January 17, 2009

Ok folks, everything from September 2007 through NYE 2008/9 is up, indexed, and should be easy to find..  By Artist, Venue, Date, or Promoter.  So enjoy, and prey that I’ll be able to keep this NY Resolution going indefinitely.

Side note:  I’m working on everything pre September 2007 as well.  I have photos going back as far as Jan 2004, so it may take a little bit to get them ALL online, but that’s the plan..  a set or two a week, should be doable with all the other insanity going on in life these days.

Stephanie White @ Bowery Poetry Club - January 16, 2009


Resolutions - January 12, 2009

I’m not huge on making resolutions, partially because I keep them.  This year I’m making 2:

  • Process event photos asap
  • Deal with life tasks asap

Same theme, don’t get behind.  That being said, all, yes ALL, the pictures from 2008 are now up. They’re not all indexed in the blog quite yet, but they’re up. So enjoy!