Pissed at Apple

I use Aperture to handle and process photos and while it’s far from perfect, it has generally handled what I’ve needed.

Two weeks ago, I became the proud owner of a new 5d mark ii. It’s a great camera overall and has 21 megapixels of goodness.

I don’t always want that many pixels though, and the 5d complies by having a small raw mode of roughly 5 megapixels.. Great, and I gave it a shot for some parties recently.

So back to Apple and Aperture. Apple specifies the 5d mark ii as supported on it’s raw compatible page, with no footnotes saying only the full raw mode is supported. So I load these pictures in and get an ugly screen saying unsupported format.. Pissed is an understatement?

2+ years with Aperture and I’ve never had a reason to question it. And overnight I’m seriously trying out Lightroom from Adobe. Switching would be a huge blow to my confidence in Apple, but that’s where my gut is taking me.

SO: if you’re looking for some recent party photos, this is why they’re not up yet.

2 Responses to “Pissed at Apple”

  1. oh mannn!!!! fuckin unpredictable technology. i’m psyched to see those pictures from the flawless/massive party last weekend. what’s on the menu for valentines day?


  2. Peter,

    You have such amazing talent, camera aside. You capture the moment. I think you really need what Adobe can offer. Sorry you had to go through such a hassle.

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