What’s taking so long?

People often wonder why it takes so long to get photos up..  So let me go over the process I go through, so you can understand where the time goes..

  1. Delete sweep, nuke anything blury or with multiple shots of the same thing
  2. Ratings pass (rate photos 1-5 stars, 2+ get posted)
  3. Rating >= 2, fix lighting, straighten, crop as necessary
  4. Export for peterdrier.com
  5. Export to Facebook
  6. Process into photo gallery, can do many galleries at once
  7. Upload to peterdrier.com

Steps 3,4,5 are very processing intensive, and my poor 2.5 year old laptop really doesn’t like the new awesome 21 megapixel photos that my camera puts out..   And lets not even think about doing the HD video on it.. 

Thankfully, I have a new computer coming tomorrow.  Once it’s all setup, things that took hours before should take minutes, literally. 

FYI, all the sets I listed previously are somewhere between step 3 and 6.  I have about 2 hours blocked off every night this week to get these done. 

Thanks for your patience..

2 Responses to “What’s taking so long?”

  1. amazing pics, dude. take all the time you need. all the pics you produce are outstanding and they help me re-live these amazing nights… thanks for the amazing pics

  2. i love how systematic you are.

    almost an algo for picture posting.



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