Montreal.. the aftermath..

So if you didn’t know, I was in Montreal for the weekend..  It was my first trip there, and well, yea..  Interesting city, a wee bit colder than I prefer in April (especially after a week in Miami for Conference) and of course Bal en Blanc.

After a crazy night/party that went through noon on Monday, I flew back to NYC on a 3pm flight, had a bit of sushi for dinner, and passed out at 7:30pm, roughly 38 hours after I awoke.  I took some 800 pictures (after a delete sweep) and a half hour of HD video..  There will be 2 sets up very shortly, one for the “Event” and one for the “Guests”.  All you lovely people who asked me to have their pictures taken (in French for the most part, so I was guessing!) fall into that guests category.   And I’d like to thank you for making me run out of cards for the first time in years.  You are most definitely the most photo friendly crowd I’ve shot that I can remember..

p.s.  If you’re the one I gave my card to right as Armin was finishing (against the fence in the front of the trance room, find me on facebook please (it’s not hard).. 🙂    Everyone else, sorry, but I keep my facebook friends to people I know in person..

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  1. I’m happy you like our city and I hope to see you again at a next trance event!!!!

    Can’t wait to see the picture of me and MArkus!!!!



  2. thanks for the pics you took of my girlfriend and I… saw you working hard all night.. its appreciated…. add on facebook if you want to.. you’ll remember us when you see our pic!!
    “”….Sarah Richard Richard Sarah(facebook)


  4. Yea, you survived the trip home!

  5. Hi Peter!

    Thank you soo much for taking my pic with Markus (I am the guy with the Markus Schuz T shirt signed on it 🙂 your hard work is really appreciated! hope to see you in Montreal again soon!

    Have a good day

  6. Thank you Peter for your review and nice pictures…
    Hopefully we ll get to see you again in Montreal for other events or next year”s Bal en Blanc 🙂
    Till then party it up!

    A bientot like we say in French!

    Lea D

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