T-14, Packing..

Have you ever had to pack for 6+ months before?  (I have, but that’s a long story)  Into a single bag? (ok, backpack, but I haven’t acquired that yet, so I’m guesstimating)

How about moving all of your worldly possessions into a jail cell sized space (13x5x8) ?

That’s what I’m in the process of..  Shutting down this apartment I’ve been in for 4 years now, the longest in a single place since I was 10, hasn’t been easy.  My mother taught me to be a pack rat very well, though my roommates made me love throwing things away..

I still owe you all some Miss Nine photos..  She sure is pretty, and I have a few worthy of the world seeing..  all as time permits though, my move on Sunday is pretty firm, and we’ll have to clean the crap out of this place on Monday so we can get our $6000+ back..   Aah, the unemployed life.

Question of the day:  What would you pack for a 6-9 month backpack trip?

Be specific, mindful of size and weight, and assume mostly spring/summer/fall climates..  I’m avoiding winter, or will deal with that on site if necessary..

Comment please..

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