T -7

Wow, this whole T-0 thing is coming up quickly..  I’ve finished moving all of my life in to 5x13x8 (feet)..  A long process but not nearly as insane as past moves.  One might even say I’m learning, and did it better this time because of said learning.  But I may also have just been lucky..  pretty hard to prove either way.

So, now that I’m homeless..  Time to throw the going away party.  Starts 2 minutes ago, so this post will be short..  But if you’re around tonight, Keybar..   13th between 1st and A..  (L train to 1st ave)  and I’ll be there till it’s done..  (6-12 in theory)

Parting is such sweet sorrow..  Not sure I understand that phrase right now..  Maybe I’ll figure it out tonight.

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