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Road Fever - February 3, 2010

Just finished reading “Road Fever” while on my flight to Punta Arenas, basically the bottom of the living world. Interesting book which I picked up, ok borrowed/stole, from the book swap in Santiago. I’ll bring it back, so it really is borrow. Anyways, set in 1987, it’s about a pair of guys who decided to drive an upcoming GMC truck from the southernmost city in south america to the northernmost city in north america for a guiness speed record. 23 years later I can attest do many of the toils they had still existing. Sure we have cell phones now, so communication is easier. But much of the random crime back then still exists in many of the same regions today.

Céline is reading it now, her English besting all of my other languages combined. It’s nice having a travel partner for a few days, especially one who’s willing to travel to the end of the earth with you.

Tips for today:
– CL – Puerto Montt – has a very nice and brand new airport.
– CL – Puerto Montt- the bus from the bus station to the airport is about $3 and is timed to meet the flights. Our bus arrived at 9:45pm which was the recommended time for our 10:45pm flight.
– CL – Castro, the capital of Chilóe, isn’t very much fun when it rains all day
– CL – Castro – hospidaje mirradores (spelled wrong) was incredibly homely. Felt like I was staying at my grandmothers house, had she added 6 bedrooms full of French, German, and brittish to the family.
– don’t sit in the front row of a bus unless it has 2 floors.

Next stop penguin country.