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Facebook Page - August 12, 2013

As more and more of my photos are ending up on Facebook anyways, it makes sense for them to have a proper home.  Please check here for photos and updates in the near term:

New Site coming.. - June 25, 2013

You may have noticed this site has fallen a bit out of date. Traveling the world for nearly 2 years kind of threw a kink in my regular schedule… And for the most part, the photos I’ve taken have all gone the Facebook route per my various employers.

But fret not, a new logo is in the works, a new host is in the plans, and pretty much every rainy day in the foreseeable future is dedicated to getting things in order.

And feel free to check out the new photo gallery here

Traveling… - April 14, 2010

If you couldn’t tell, this site has fallen a bit out of date. I haven’t had a reliable internet connection for most of the past 4 month.

If you’re looking for photos, check the link in the upper right, or on facebook.

If you want to get a hold of me, check the contact page for my e-mail info. I’m up to 7 different phone numbers now, and none of them are working in Japan, so skip that. Skype (fotoaddict) is also an option.


Travel tips - January 23, 2010

PE – cusco is in a valley, get a window seat when flying In or out and have your camera handy
SLR – If your main camera is an SLR, consider not bringing it.  There are places in the world where it's value will exceed the annual income of the locals. If you do bring it, aim for a lens that covers most needs without having to change. Canon has an 18-200 that works well for most situations.  Also consider bringing a small point and shoot for the situations it's not safe to make the slr visible.

NZ – pahia, the pippi patch hostel is pretty crappy. Only stay there if there's a group of you and you can fill a room. Otherwise there's a hostel across the street with free bikes and canoes.  Can't remember the name but it was in the lonely planet.

iPhone – iPhone is a great travel device. If possible get one that's unlocked ( or get yours unlocked before you leave ). The maps feature alone could save your life, but be warned: without cell access the gps does not work. It needs to talk to the towers to figure out which gps satelites to look for.

USA – iPhone, if your trip is short, consider adding the international data package to your AT&T phone plan. It's $25 a month for 20 megabytes which is enough to chekc your mail on occasion (make sure it's not set to auto check mail!) and to load up the local map in a pinch.

iPhone – when wifi is available, cache the maps to the street level for wherever you are. Free Maps Often suck, and the google ones don't.

PE – maccu picchu, if you're physically fit, you're going to want to go to wannu pichu, the mountain overlooking maccu picchu. They limit the # of people that can go up there to 400 a day in 2 batches of 200.  The first one is at 6am, and is the one you want to be in.  2 choices. Either walk up the inca trail to arrive there about 5:30 ( leave at 430 I'm told) or be in line for the bus at 4am. (buses start leaving at 530). We got to the bus line at 430 and just missed he cutoff by about 20 people.  Once in with your wannu picchu stamp, run over (carefully, slippery when wet) to that gate and get your time slot for going up.  The earlier the better as the sun makes things hot pretty quickly.  You'll likely be done with all of machu picchu by lunch time, which is a good thing.  Other things to check out:  the inca bridge.  About 30 min roundtrip depending on how many photos you take.  The signin form is so they know if you made it back ok, they really do lose people, so be careful. The bridge itself is a holy shit kind of thing though, and you can bet that whoever thought to build it in the first place either had lots of minions he didn't care about, or was on a significant dosage of Incan acid.  Mount machu picchu is also an option for the serious hikers. Likely best in the morning as the sun will be behind you when taking pictures, it seems to be about 3 hours for the capable climber.  Also. Bug spray!  Once you're sweaty from all the hiking around the bugs will find you so be prepared.

PE – stay in the barranco backpackers if you can. They'll set up a taxi from the airport for you $16 and chris who runs the place has lots of good info. It's a great first and last stop in Peru for backpackers, but does often get full on Saturday nights (at least in jan) so keep that in mind. Also, don't go to the beach at night, not safe.

PE – learn Spanish. I got a western europe phrasebook covering all the languages for the countries I'm going to visit. It was a great refresher for my ugly Spanish, but it gets me the respect for trying. I also save $ as many things are more expensive in English. A taxi ride in Lima has been 20 soles in English while 8 in Spanish.  "cuanto por barranco central" works muh better than "how much to go to, uum, backpackers in barrrranco".  Plus it's a conversation topic when in situations where they don't speak english.  "que es" and then point. They will likely tell you, you'll learn something, and that akward silence is avoided.

PE- taxis. Don't take them unless they have their license plate number painted on the side of the taxi and a taxi sign on top. (or you arranged for it through a trusted means). It's not safe to take a gipsey cab, as there's a decent chance they'll take you to a very bad part of town and up the rate 10-20x what it started as or leave you in gang land.

PE – cusco, I don't remember exactly where, but walking distance from the main square was a market for locals.  We walked through a covered market to get to this set of streets where hill folks were selling their warez on the street.  Nobody spoke English, and I was the only white person in sight but it didn't feel unsafe (I wasn't alone!). And wow, the stuff for sale was amazing at astonishing prices. They likely charged us higher prices for being white with poor Spanish, but even double on 15 cents is only 30 cents if you get my drift. There were also massive bags of coca leaves for sale, which we found quite humorous.

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Carnival in Rio! - December 15, 2009

Add some more flights, plus a hotel share in Rio.. and I’m headed to Carnival!

Your Itinerary:

Lan Airlines operated by SUBSIDIARY/FRANCHISE
Flight LA750
Depart Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez, CL (SCL)
10-Feb-10 (Wed) 08:00a
Arrive Rio de Janeiro International Apt, BR (GIG)
10-Feb-10 (Wed) 02:35p
Flight Time 05hr 35min | Economy
Aircraft Boeing 767-300/300ER
Stops 1
Flight LA750 has the following stops:
Arrive 10Feb 1250P Sao Paulo Guarulhos Intl Apt, BR (GRU)
Depart 10Feb 0130P

Tam Linhas Aereas
Flight JJ8094
Depart Rio de Janeiro International Apt, BR (GIG)
17-Feb-10 (Wed) 08:20a
Arrive Sao Paulo Guarulhos Intl Apt, BR (GRU)
17-Feb-10 (Wed) 09:30a
Flight Time 01hr 10min | Economy
Aircraft Airbus 320-100/200
Stops nonstop

Lan Airlines operated by SUBSIDIARY/FRANCHISE
Flight LA6464
Depart Sao Paulo Guarulhos Intl Apt, BR (GRU)
17-Feb-10 (Wed) 02:20p
Arrive Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini, AR (EZE)
17-Feb-10 (Wed) 04:10p
Flight Time 01hr 50min | Economy
Aircraft Airbus A330-200/300
Stops nonstop

Lan Airlines
Flight LA422
Depart Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini, AR (EZE)
21-Feb-10 (Sun) 10:25a
Arrive Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez, CL (SCL)
21-Feb-10 (Sun) 12:40p
Flight Time 03hr 15min | Economy
Aircraft Boeing 767-300/300ER
Stops nonstop

Caught up.. :) - May 31, 2009

So if you’re looking for photos, I’m all caught up.  So click the Photos link on the right, or here.

If you’re really ambitious, click on the subscribe to the right, and you’ll be notified when I post new sets.

Bal en Blanc! - April 15, 2009

Photos from Monday morning can be found here:

Crazy busy week, I’ll index everything (so it shows up by artist..) over the weekend..  Enjoy..

Montreal.. the aftermath.. - April 14, 2009

So if you didn’t know, I was in Montreal for the weekend..  It was my first trip there, and well, yea..  Interesting city, a wee bit colder than I prefer in April (especially after a week in Miami for Conference) and of course Bal en Blanc.

After a crazy night/party that went through noon on Monday, I flew back to NYC on a 3pm flight, had a bit of sushi for dinner, and passed out at 7:30pm, roughly 38 hours after I awoke.  I took some 800 pictures (after a delete sweep) and a half hour of HD video..  There will be 2 sets up very shortly, one for the “Event” and one for the “Guests”.  All you lovely people who asked me to have their pictures taken (in French for the most part, so I was guessing!) fall into that guests category.   And I’d like to thank you for making me run out of cards for the first time in years.  You are most definitely the most photo friendly crowd I’ve shot that I can remember..

p.s.  If you’re the one I gave my card to right as Armin was finishing (against the fence in the front of the trance room, find me on facebook please (it’s not hard).. 🙂    Everyone else, sorry, but I keep my facebook friends to people I know in person..

What’s taking so long? - April 6, 2009

People often wonder why it takes so long to get photos up..  So let me go over the process I go through, so you can understand where the time goes..

  1. Delete sweep, nuke anything blury or with multiple shots of the same thing
  2. Ratings pass (rate photos 1-5 stars, 2+ get posted)
  3. Rating >= 2, fix lighting, straighten, crop as necessary
  4. Export for
  5. Export to Facebook
  6. Process into photo gallery, can do many galleries at once
  7. Upload to

Steps 3,4,5 are very processing intensive, and my poor 2.5 year old laptop really doesn’t like the new awesome 21 megapixel photos that my camera puts out..   And lets not even think about doing the HD video on it.. 

Thankfully, I have a new computer coming tomorrow.  Once it’s all setup, things that took hours before should take minutes, literally. 

FYI, all the sets I listed previously are somewhere between step 3 and 6.  I have about 2 hours blocked off every night this week to get these done. 

Thanks for your patience..

WMC ’09 is over.. - March 31, 2009

If you’ve come looking for photos I took over conference, it’s going to be a few days.  After deleting the obviously bad ones, I was left with some 3000 photos and 6 gigabytes of video.  And there are certain special folks (Betty, Soraya, Armin) who have to get their photos first for various reasons.  So be patient and they’ll be here asap.  -Peter