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Flawless House - March 26, 2009

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Josh Wink @ Sullivan Room - February 7, 2009


DJ Heather @ Sullivan Room - January 17, 2009


New Years Eve… - December 31, 2008

New Years eve.. 12 hours of partying on an freeze your ass off kind of night. Great fun was had by all I encountered, though some feet were worse for wear. Happy New Year everyone!

Satoshi Tomiie @ Sullivan Room - December 20, 2008

There aren’t many nights these days when I go out strictly to have fun. There are ulterior motives, alternative responsibilities, and even the occasional night where I just need to f’in sleep. So this night was special.. A couple of long distance friends were in town. Some others who don’t go out all to regularly actually bought advanced tickets! And of course, Satoshi was the man of the night. So a pretty good setup.

And I wasn’t left disappointed. Satoshi’s 2.5 hr set went for 5+ and rocked throughout. I met some new beautiful people who I arguably should have already known given the 20+ FB friends we had in common. One of my friends actually got completely trashed while another turned into a creeper as his consumption increased. But even they couldn’t keep me down as I danced till 5:45am..

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Chloe Harris @ Sullivan Room - December 13, 2008

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Basic @ Sullvian Room - May 4, 2008

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DFuse @ Sullivan Room - March 1, 2008


Kaskade @ Sullivan Room - February 23, 2008

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DJ Heather @ Sullivan Room - January 12, 2008