Guidelines for Engagement…

The world we live in affords us many more means of contact than any world before us. As a result, it is very easy to become overloaded with all the various networks, e-mail addresses, websites, instant messenger’s and so on.. So here’s my “Contact Information” with guidelines on how to use them..


peter dot drier at gmail dot com

My main address. Use wisely. I already have about a hundred rules on this account to filter bulk mail to junk. I won’t even blink at adding another.

<my current work address>

if you Currently work with me, then use it. If not, use the one above

drierp at yahoo dot com

An old address that I’ve had since the mid 90’s, I’ll still check it, but it gets about 500 spams a day, and about 50 of those get to the inbox, so it loses a lot.


AIM – drierp, drierp2, drierp3
MSN – drierp at hotmail dot com
Yahoo – drierp at yahoo dot com
ICQ – I can’t remember the number?

If I’m on, say hi.


If you have a 917 number for me already, and aren’t trying to sell me something, then use it. I’m also pretty friendly towards text messaging especially since I’m often in places where I can’t easily talk.  If you still have my 201 number, send me an e-mail and I’ll upgrade you to the great state of New York!

Social Networks

Linked In

If we’ve worked together, or I know you primarily professionally, linked in is your best bet


If I’ve been drinking with you then I probably won’t reject an invite. If I’ve only every worked with you and never done anything socially, then please check for me on Plaxo or LinkedIn instead.

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