Travel Plans

Goal:  To see the world, quite literally.       edit

The rough plan of where I’m headed, thinking about, or just notes for myself to figure it out later..

  • Moving my stuff into Storage (Aug 30)
  • Going Away Party, Save the date (Sept 2)
  • Jets Pre-Season game (Sept 3)
  • Electric Zoo (Sept 5-6)
  • Netherlands (Sept 9 – Oct 13)
    • Local trips possible for OktoberFest, Paris, Ibiza, Amsterdam, …
    • Evolution: Let there be Light (Sept 19) – TT Hall Assen, the Netherlands
    • OktoberFest (Sept 22)
    • Cologne ?
    • Fri Sept 25 – PVD in Paris
    • Leiden ?
  • Chicago ~(Oct 15-Oct 19)
    • Local trip up to Green Bay for a Packers game!
  • New Zealand ~(Oct ? – Dec 1)
    • ??
  • Vegas (Dec 5-9)
    • yea baby, finally!
  • Maine (Dec ? – Dec ~20)
    • R & R mostly, some prep for travels to come..
  • Home (Christmas)

Everything below here is on an Around the World (RTW) plane ticket..  Basically, I go continent to continent, in a westward direction (South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe) and within each continent I can go around as I please..  There’s a certain number of flights I’m allowed (4 segments per continent) but they’re all booked relatively last minute, one way..  And I have 1 year to complete the trip..  The route has to be pre determined, but the dates are flexible, on a confirmed space available basis

  • South America (Jan 2 –> Mid feb ? )
    • South america needs a lot of flushing out..  Don’t know what I don’t know down there..  sad really..  But I figure about 6 weeks or so..  enough to be around for Carnival in Brazil with Steph..
    • Venezuela
    • Ecuador
    • Peru
      • Machu Picchu / The Inca Trail: tour
      • when you go to machu-pichu, get there early in the day and walk through to the other side to go up to Wyupicchu – JasonS
    • Argentenia
      • Steaks!
      • Bottom Tip.. possible Antarctica excursion..?
    • Brazil
      • Carnival – Feb 13-16 w/ Stefanie
    • Columbia
      • Bogota
    • Vivian adds:  South America – I’ve been planning a trip there too – for Thanksgiving 2010 – plans are to go to Patagonia – Ushaia, the Argentinian plains, Tierra del Fuego (possibly Chilean side), Bariloche & the Lake region with maybe a trip to Antartica via boat. I have a nice travel agent if you want his contact info.
  • Australia (? Mid Feb – ? Mid March)
    • New Zealand
      • (if there’s anything I didn’t cover the first time..?)
    • Figi ?
  • Asia ( ? Mid March – April )
    • Japan
      • Mount Fugi
    • Hong Kong
      • Ling – ?
    • China
      • ?
    • India ?
    • Vietnam ?
    • Thailand ?
    • Russia ?
      • Moscow may count as Europe for flight purposes..
      • need Visa!
  • Africa (May ?)
    • South Africa
    • Kenya ??
    • Madagascar ??
    • Egypt
    • Morocco
    • Israel ?
      • Tel-Aviv
  • Europe (? Late May -> Sept )
    • Italy
    • Greece (june/july)
    • Ireland
    • Finland
    • Sweden
    • Czech Republic
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • France
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Luxembourg !
    • Poland
    • Denmark
    • Iceland
    • Lithuania
    • Ukrane
      • Armin: KAZANTIP on popovka beach Ukrane
    • Liechtenstein
    • Hungary
      • Info: Attilla (+Grant for NZ, AUS, Sweden?)

Open Questions:

  • Do I do NZ and AUS in November (5 weeks), or just NZ then, and AUS for 2 weeks (?) after south america?  (heading west on a RTW ticket..)
  • Shoes, what to bring?  have Puma’s now that I wear almost everywhere..  + flip flops for hostel bathrooms?  hiking boots?  Dr Martins ok?  heavy..
  • Washing clothes, how often should I plan on / need clean clothes for?
  • RTW ticket, the one world alliance one looks pretty solid..   Is it completely open past the first segment?  or do I have to plan the route, and just the dates are flexible?  All standby?
  • How long to spend in South America / Africa..  aka, how much Malarone do I need?
  • NZ – there’s lots of most-in package deaks (contiki, …) and some bus route companies with fixed routes but you can stay at any stop for as long as you want..  NZ will be my first backpacking portion of my adventures, so I’ll be the most green..  thoughts for how to figure that out?  (figure I’m flying in/out of Auckland?)
  • Can I realistically receive


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  1. Please comment if you have anything to add.. Good places to see.. things to avoid.. Countries I missed.. People local to places that can show me around or direct me towards greatness.

  2. This is pete testing the comments .. per stef:

    Also you MUST go to Shanghai in China…it’s the best city.

    I have friends in Tokyo I can connect you with, another “must see”. Kyoto is neat if you want to get the touristy ancient Japan experience.

  3. From Cherie:
    i’ve been to a bunch of the places you have been. if you can, hit up carnaval in salvador – stay in the pelhourino district but get air conditioning (my one regret!). it was brilliant though.

    check out for travel info; i used to write for that site.

  4. Pete – Sounds Fantastic!

    I lived in Australia for 6 months. November is definitely a good time to hit it there weather wise before it gets too hot in the summer months. Sydney is fantastic – the Great Barrier Reef is a must do, as is climbing Ayers Rock. I’m biased but I also think Australia is the best place in the world to learn to scuba dive. Tasmania is also worth a visit for a day. I didn’t make it out west to Perth but I hear it is quite beautiful. Qantas used to have an Explorer Pass similar to your Round the World ticket for use inside Australia – you might want to check it out. Send me a message if you want more details on Oz.

    NZ – you’ll want to see if there is passage to Milford Sound – when I was there the roads were washed out and I missed out. South Island is way cooler than the North lsland – particularly Queensland where you can pretty much do any daredevil adrenalin rush sport there is. There’s also this thing we did called ‘blackwater rafting’ – think underground rivers, miner helmets, and inner tubes. Consider flying into Christchurch instead of Auckland and maybe ending in Auckland to flyout. We didn’t do the bus tour, we rented a car which was nice to have a place to store all your stuff – Allowed us easier access to places like Mt. Cook too. We did meet many people in the hostels along the way who were doing the Contiki thing.

    I’ll be in the Philippines for the month of October on assignment so I can let you know how that is. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to pop in while you’re in AP.

  5. this looks fantastic pete good luck to you on your world wind adventure. i so wish i could do the same. if you need suggestions on kenya 90% of my family still lives there so i’m sure i can get someone to hook you up with dos and donts 😉

  6. Hey Pete! Have fun on your trip, your plans look good so far. I spent almost a month in Peru and Chili in January. Be sure to spend some time on the coast of Chili. There are awesome beach towns and wine vinyards. In Peru, Machupicchu is the palce to be, the town of Cuzco is just south, tons of fun, lots of travelers looking to party! If you end up in Central then go to the island of Caye Caulker off of Belize. It is small, much smaller than the much traveled Ambergris Caye but is so much more beautiful. The snorkling or scuba there is some of the best in the world, a dreaddy, white guy named Bobby has a boat that he offeres tours on.
    Looks like we will see you in December? That is great news as it has been a long time!

  7. Per Ali:

  8. Amsterdam Dance Event is October 21to 24… Just Sayin’

  9. ack i love traveling! pack light, buy things as a you go, give them away when not needed anymore. Stay hydrated, drink tea. Buy travel insurance.

    Netherlands- stay in Amsterdam, take day trips on the train to Utrecht and Rottenberg. Utrecht is like a small Amsterdam without the tourists. Stay over night in Rottenberg if there’s something big going on. Eat shrooms and go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam… try to find a place high up and watch the sunrise.

    Germany- Berlin (wall, museums, clubs), Munich (the beer), Frankfurt (Cocoon), Stuttgart (german college town, home of the porche and pretzels).. Cologne is good for a day or two.. Drink some Apfelvine and try the blood sausage if you’re brave.

    Switzerland- stay in Interlaken (lots of adventure and activity), stop by Lucerne, go to the top of Jungfrau

    Try rock climbing or white water rafting in Spain or Italy.

    Italy- wine, scenery, and good food everywhere.

    Ibiza- go in September for the closing parties. The western part of the Island (San Antoni) is where the brits stay, lots of bars. The eastern part (Ibiza town) is the more Spanish side, restaurants, bars, beautiful.. Las Salinas is the good beach, go there during the day for relaxation and to find out where all the parties are that night, there are promoters and fabulous people everywhere. I flew right into Ibiza, but many take the ferry. Can buy discount tickets to the clubs at the bars in Ibiza town. Probably need to rent a car. hostels are good, book (at least the first couple days) ahead of time, rooms get filled up fast, maybe try to meet people to split a condo with

    Walk the border of England and Scotland. Stop and stay in the little towns and get wasted in the pubs.

    I highly recommend Contiki for a tour of a few places. You’ll see great things, party your ass off, learn a great deal, and meet some fabulous people. I did one in 2004 and still remain really good friends with some people from the tour. Let me know if you are interested, I’ll send you a referral, then you’ll get $100 to put toward excursions.

    Australia- I went there when I was 16 for a student exchange, going there as an adult would be totally different.. my highlights though- snorkeling the great barrier reef, phillip island, surfing, hanging out with the locals
    My sister lived there for a while, here’s what she said:
    -November is just getting into their summer so if he’s a snowboarder/skier NZ might not have any snow then. but, the beaches in NZ might be a little chilly still (not so much for AUS.) You can def do aus and nz in 5 weeks, but depends on what you want to do.
    -shoes: NZ has amazing hiking trails. Milford sound trek is world renowned, but you can also see some of it on bus tours. flip flops for hostels and beaches would be what i’d do. sneakers, probably should not bring the dr. martens bc of the weight. if you want to book a hike, just get hiking shoes there.
    -the hostels in NZ/AUS are nice (a lot of YHA’s) and a lot will have laundry or be able to tell you about laundry mats
    -She did an organized tour and loved it for NZ because it provided everything to get to both islands and transport. There aren’t trains around NZ and the bus system isn’t fantastic to do on your own. You might be able to see and do a lot more on a contiki if its in the budget
    -RTW ticket- She doesn’t know enough about it but christchurch is also an international airport so you can go in and out of there too, depending on the tour/bus situation.
    -AUS: you can definitely get around the east coast via greyhound very inexpensively and also trains. flights are cheap, too. (newcastle to brisbane for $29 rt)
    -Fiji: She did an island hopping tour in and out of Nadi in the Yasawa group of islands and it was AMAZING. and very reasonably priced. Go to some resort or go to the smaller islands because the main island, unfortunately, is fairly dangerous and has a lot of poverty.. but she was there for like a beach vacation and not really becoming a huge part of the culture.

    be safe, have fun!

  10. You have to go to Greece in July, hit up Athens for a few days then island hop with a stop at Mykonos and Ios. Spain is amazing and I would try to go to Barcelona and Seville. Full on Ferry is in Amsterdam in October as well.

    Good luck and travel LIGHT!!!! Hit up Erica she just spent the whole summer traveling. Good shoes and a good backpack are all you’re going to need.

    Can’t wait to see all the pictures and keep us all updated on where you are going!!!

  11. Pack light. Buy what you need. Consider a kindle. I wish they existed when I did something like this.

    Skip the RTW ticket – they’re not for backpakers, but those on a biz trip. You’ll want the flexibility to change both the duration and destinations.

  12. per ChristineK:

    If you have time, take the train from Munich to Garmisch. Go to the Eibsee (lake) or the top of the Zuchspitze (you have never seen a view like this before) via train or tram…. eat some of the traditional bavarian foods, bretzen, kaisse bratzen, apfelkucken, have a Spezi (coke & fanta mix). Bavaria is completely different from northern germany. Be careful not to fall in love, this is beautiful country. Hiking is very popular with very well placed restaraunts called 1/2 way houses, part of the way up the mountain.

    It’s a good segway to Italy. Continue on the train from Garmisch head on to Venice via train… killer shopping, amazing food, wonderful people…

  13. AbbyL:

    you should go to the hague and see all the international court business. kind of interesting. you can sit in on trials and stuff – human rights, etc. i watched the milosevic trial…

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